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LIUNA represents approximately 63 facilities: Hospitals, Area Offices and 2 Youth Wellness Centers. The workers that we represent at IHS are primarily Federal employees. LIUNA represents over 90% of all IHS employees.

Here at LIUNA we strive to educate, represent and support our Union family. Benefits, Safety, Dignity, Security, Competence and Activism are just some of the reasons you should join our Union family!

LIUNA also has a powerful presence in Washington, DC to lobby Congress and IHS on important issues to IHS employees, such as the budget, pay raises for Federal workers, and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

Through Collective Bargaining and membership growth, we can empower LIUNA as a resilient and effective Union for all our federal employees and their work environments.

To join the union, please download Form 1187 below, fill out questions numbered 1 through 5, and sign Section B.

Dues are $17.10 per pay period.

Send your completed form to Class Action Implementation Group (CAIG):
Fax: (888) 889-6448

If you have any questions, contact LIUNA at: 602-264-0300.

Download form 1187

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